On Friday 14 th August, Scottish Government announced that due to increased risk of the transmitting COVID 19 overnight schools trips should not take place until further into the Autumn Term. Further information on this announcement can be found here. In response to this situation Blairvadach has created a new non residential programme which is being offered to schools who would have visting us on a residential. 

The progressive programme, outlined in the table below, is based around our core development pillars of Behaviour, Effort, Responsibility and Team Work, similar to our residential experience. To complement the contact days, the young people, teaching and support staff will be introduced to an optional workbook which can be done during the week or in the weeks following the outdoor experience.  The 4 day experience is a blend of outdoor learning at your school, in your local area and at Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre.

Sample Programme:







School grounds

Local area

Blairvadach Outdoor Centre

Blairvadach Outdoor Centre


Round robin of;

1. Orienteering

2. Bug hunt

3. Team games

4. Bush craft (fire light)

5. Introduction to workbook

Venues Include:

Cunningar Loop

Neilston Pad

Or other locations which are within easy teach (max 30  Minutes) from your school.

Land Adventure Day

Ropes course and Gorge Walk


Climbing and Gorge Walk

Water Adventure Day

Canoeing  or Sailing 


Blairvadach team of instructor will come to your school grounds and work with the group for the day 1015-1445

Blairvadach Team will come to your school and take the young people by mini bus or on foot for a local adventure. 1000-1500

A coach will pick up from the school at 0845 and take the group to Blairvadach Outdoor Centre. They will return to school for 1500

A coach will pick up from the 0845 0900 and take the group to Blairvadach Outdoor Centre. They will return to school for 1500




















We can supply all personal equipment where needed . However, to reduce the transportation and washing of equipment we would encourage young people to bring their own outdoor clothes and outdoor shoes where possible. In addition, participants will need:

  • Packed Lunches
  • Warm clothes to be outside all day
  • Full change of clothes
  • Towel (Thur and Fri)


The price for the experience £90pp, this will be paid through a budget transfer following the experience. This includes:

  • All transport
  • Supplied  equipment
  • Instructors based on a maximum ratio of 1:8

Once the course has taken place we will organise a budget transfer through the budget unit. In order to this we will be in touch to gather your budget codes.


Our playground is very busy, will this affect your onsite site school delivery?

As every school has different grounds we will need to discuss what will be appropriate for your school. We will call and discuss this with you in the weeks leading up to the course.

How will we wash the children’s hands when they are out on activity?

If we do not have access to hand washing facilities we will be using hand sanitizer. All participants will be requested to wash / sanitise their hands before they start and at the end of each activity.

What if the children do not have the right outdoor clothes?

We can supply clothing to those who require it. We are trying to minimise the amount of communal equipment that is in circulation and so ask that where possible individuals supply their own. However, parents should not be asked to go and buy anything for this trip. Before the start of the course we would need a list of equipment that the children need so we can bring it with us. The equipment / group form can be found here.

Is it safe to be in a bus?

Blairvadach transport has been classed as an extension of the school estate and as such must comply with the city wide operating procedures. A copy of these can be found here. There is a specific section in this document that refers to Blairvadach.

Have you done a risk a assessment for operating in a COVID safe way?

Yes, you can view our risk assessments here:

How many people can you work with and do they need to be split into groups?

The transport for the group is our limiting factor. Generally our maximum group size will be 31 young people and 2 School Staff. This would be spread between 4 Blairvadach vehicles. The more adults we put into a mini bus the less young people we can transport.

What information do you need prior to the course?

We will need the individuals split into teams on this form: Group / Equipment Form The medical / Additional Support needs information will help prepare our instructors for working with you school. The clothing information is for those individuals who cannot supply the items themselves.

What time can we picked up and what time will we get back to school?

We have set out proposed times in the sample programme above. However, we can be flexible and so speak to us if you have any timing concerns. We have tried to fit everything into the school day. If your school is willing and able to set off earlier on the days you are planned to come to Blairvadach Outdoor Centre please let us know. The bus times can easily be changed to 0830 departure which has the added benefit of missing the 0900 rush at the school gates.

I did not have a booking with Blairvadach this year but would like to take part in this programme, how can I book?

Please call the centre to discuss availability. We are prioritising the schools we had planned to work with but we quite often get cancelations so there may be space.

In addition these booking conditions apply:

Head Teachers and organisers must satisfy themselves of the suitability of the centres’ physical environment and the extent and limitations of its programmes of activities, especially for pupils with additional support needs, before requesting a booking. All group supervision and trip management should be facilitated as per Management Circular 48

Prior to the course all participants must have completed consent form which can be found in Management Circular 48 Appendix 4F. Participants who do not have a consent form will not be able to participate in the activities.

Sessions conform to Management Circular 33 ”Safety in Educational Outdoor Activities”