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Courses at Blairvadach

Our highly regarded outdoor education courses provide the perfect platform to face new challenges, develop new skills and get ready for the next stage in a young person’s life. All of our school courses clearly link to curriculum outcomes flexibly tailored to your school’s specific needs. Your pupils will have a truly memorable experience and you will notice the difference in them.

We have over 45 years of experience of providing courses to suit all types of youth group. Blairvadach is not just a venue for your experience; we work closely with your organisation in the build-up to your visit to ensure that our service meets your organisation’s needs. Your young people will have a lot of fun too!

Our D of E Gold Adventure Residential courses focus on providing a fun environment for meeting new people, strengthening team work and building resilience. This course will meet the requirements of the residential section of your Gold Award.

We run training courses for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals which include personal skill development and coaching. Courses are endorsed by the relevant national governing body or professional Institution.

Blairvadach Active Travel Promotion

Starting in August 2021, for 4 months,  Blairvadach will be delivering a Bikeability initiative to support your school to improve active travel. The Blairvadach team will have a focus on supporting the roll out of Bikeability Instructor training to teachers and support staff. The project will encourage school staff to undertake 2*1/2 day training days to become a Bikeability Instructor. In addition, the team will then support you to get your own school delivering to young people. Our aim is that every pupil in Glasgow will have easy access to Bikeability through their school by the end of the project.