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Outdoor Learning Resources

We have been mapping lots of Glasgow Schools during lockdown... you can view and download Orienteering maps for the Glasgow Schools we've mapped. 

A free resource of 30 Outdoor Activity Cards for use in, or outwith, the school environment. Have a look, try them out and let us know how you get on!

Hello from Blairvadach!  We hope that you, your loved ones and your community are safe and well during this difficult time. 

We are sorry that you are unable to visit Blairvadach at the moment and appreciate that this must be incredibly disappointing for you.  If you would like something to do you can download our interactive workbook and try out some of the things you might experience on a Blairvadach residential at home.

A digital resource full of little educational nuggets that our instructors deliver as part of their ‘usual’ daily routine.

Including subjects such as maths, history and geography as well as a huge amount of environmental and skills based information we try to cover as broad of a spectrum as possible.

The hope is to inspire interest and promote further investigation and questions as to why, how and what we know about the great outdoors.