Our base in the city centre is located at the Pinkston Basin Water Sports Centre. The paddlesports centre has Scotland's only artificial whitewater course and is a unique urban watersports facility. We offer paddlepsorts courses in kayaks and canoe’s as well as an multi activity course based around the John Muir Award.

Paddles Sports Courses

There are two types of paddlepsorts sessions available for your school.

  1. Single Taster Session - Pick a day and book a single session for a group to visit the centre and take part in a watersports experience.
  2. Development Course - Over 4 sessions participants will progress their skills gaining experience in both canoes and kayaks as well as

The instructors at the facility are Blairvadach staff and will work with a maximum of 1:8 participants on the water. The maximum number of pupils that we can cater for in one session at the basin is 16. You can either book into a morning session (0930am) or an afternoon session (1230pm). Both sessions last for 2 hours including changing time. Blairvadach supplies wetsuits, spray tops and buoyancy aids for participants.

Currently because of COVID restrictions and to maintain an enhanced cleaning regieme we are running our paddlesports session over consecutive days. For example a 4 block session would be run over 2 days.(this could also be 4 sessions split over 4 days if you were bringing a morning and evening groups from the same year group).

John Muir Award

A progressive 4 day Outdoor Learning experience set in our urban environment.

Working through the 4 Challenges of the John Muir Award Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share, this programme delivers a nationally recognised certificate within a holistic personal and social development experience. Activities included in the programme are canoeing, kayaking, bushcraft, team challenges and a conservation project. The John Muir Award certificates for participants are included for free.

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  All rates are per person
Price Standard Rate Glasgow Schools Rate April 2020 - March 2021
Single paddlesports sessions £23 £23
4 session British Canoeing Start Award programme £60 £60
4 Day John Muir Award programme £90 £90

NB. Payment for the course will be collected through your school budget codes which are required to complete the booking process. Your AFA will be able to tell you these codes.

Equipment you need...

* We've made a video on what equipment to bring - check it out here *

...for Paddlesports

All participants must bring with them:

  1. Shorts, T shirt or Swim wear for under a wetsuit
  2. Trainers or Canvas Shoes for use in the water
  3. Towel and Soap, Warm Clothes for after the watersports
  4. Plastic bag for wet clothes

...for John Muir Award

  1. Paddlesports equipment as above
  2. Waterproof jacket
  3. Warm jumper
  4. Waterproof trousers
  5. Hat and gloves