We are sorry that you are unable to visit Blairvadach at the moment and appreciate that this must be incredibly disappointing for you.  If you would like something to do you can download our interactive workbook if you wish to try out some of the things you might experience on a Blairvadach residential.

Please download one and save it to your device to complete as they might not display properly viewed online.  If you prefer you can also print one off and fill it in by hand.

PDF Workbook (best for digital use - you may need to download Adobe Reader first).

Word document Workbook (best for printing).

The workbook is broadly based on the layout of a Blairvadach five day residential and includes activities that can be done at home, on a daily exercise walk and opportunities to interact with us through your parents social media accounts.  We are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all accessible at the bottom of this page.

We hope that you find these activities fun and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon!