We have produced Orienteering maps for many Glasgow Schools - you can download them from this page. If you school is not yet mapped and you would like to talk to us about getting it done, please use the contact options at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

We have also made a file of resources and ideas of how to use these maps in your Outdoor Learning sessions. Click here to download the pdf file.

Click on the files on the right hand columns and save to your device.

School Map with Grid Map without Grid
Alexandra Parade Primary School APPS_MapGrid APPS_MapNoGrid
Anderston Primary School AnPS_MapGrid AnPS_MapNoGrid
Antonine Primary School (work in progress) APS_MapGrid APS_MapNoGrid
Aultmore and Newhills (work in progress) AN_MapGrid AN_MapNoGrid
Aultmore Park Primary School (work in progress) APPS_MapGrid APPS_MapNoGrid
Balornock Primary School BaPS_MapGrid BaPS_MapNoGrid
Benview Campus BC_MapGrid BC_MapNoGrid
Blackfriars Primary School BlPS_MapGrid BlPS_MapNoGrid
Blairdardie Primary School BPS_MapGrid BPS_MapNoGrid
Broomhill Primary School BrPS_MapGrid BrPS_MapNoGrid
Cadder Primary School CadPS_MapGrid CadPS_MapNoGrid
Caldercuilt Primary School CaldPS_MapGrid CaldPS_MapNoGrid
Caledonia Primary School CalPS_MapGrid CalPS_MapNoGrid
Camstradden Primary School (work in progress) CamPS_MapGrid CamPS_MapNoGrid
Carmunnock Primary School CarPS_MapGrid CarPS_MapNoGrid
Castleton Primary School (work in progress) CPS_MapGrid CPS_MapNoGrid
Chirnsyde Primary School ChPS_MapGrid ChPS_MapNoGrid
Clyde Campus CC_MapGrid CC_MapNoGrid
Corpus Christi Primary School CCPS_MapGrid CCPS_MapNoGrid
Croftcroighn & Avenue End Primary School CAE_MapGrid CAE_MapNoGrid
Dalmarnock Primary School (work in progress) DalPS_MapGrid DalPS_MapNoGrid
Darnley Primary School (work in progress) DPS_MapGrid DPS_MapNoGrid
Drummore Primary School DrPS_MapGrid DrPS_MapNoGrid
Dunard Primary School DuPS_MapGrid DuPS_MapNoGrid
Elmvale Primary School EPS_MapGrid EPS_MapNoGrid
Garnetbank Primary School GaPS_MapGrid GaPS_MapNoGrid
Garrowhill Primary School (work in progress) GarPS_MapGrid GarPS_MapNoGrid
Golfhill Primary School - Whitehill Secondary School (work in progress) GPS-WSS_MapGrid GPS-WSS_MapNoGrid
Govan Road Campus GRC_MapGrid GRC_MapNoGrid
Gowanbank Campus GC_MapGrid GC_MapNoGrid
Hampden Primary School HPS_MapGrid HPS_MapNoGrid
Hillhead Primary School HiPS_MapGrid HiPS_MapNoGrid
Hillington Primary School HilPS_MapGrid HilPS_MapNoGrid
Hyndland Primary School (work in progress) HyPS_MapGrid HyPS_MapNoGrid
Ibrox Primary School IPS_MapGrid IPS_MapNoGrid
Kelvindale Primary School KPS_MapGrid KPS_MapNoGrid
Keppoch Campus KePS_MapGrid KePS_MapNoGrid
Langside Primary School LPS_MapGrid LPS_MapNoGrid
Lochend High School (work in progress) LHS_MapGrid LHS_MapNoGrid
Merrylee Primary School (work in progress) MPS_MapGrid MPS_MapNoGrid
Middlefield Primary School MidPS_MapGrid MidPS_MapNoGrid
Miltonbank Primary School (work in progress) MiPS_MapGrid MiPS_MapNoGrid
Mosspark Primary School MoPS_MoGrid MoPS_MoNoGrid
Notre Dame Primary School (work in progress) NPS_MapGrid NPS_MapNoGrid
Oakwood Primary School OPS_MapGrid OPS_MapNoGrid
Our Lady of the Annunciation Primary School OLAPS_MapGrid OLAPS_MapNoGrid
Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School (work in progress) OLRPS_MapGrid OLRPS_MapNoGrid
Parkview Primary School (work in progress) PPS_MapGrid PPS_MapNoGrid
Riverbank Primary School RiPS_MapGrid RiPS_MapNoGrid
Royston Primary School RPS_MapGrid RPS_MapNoGrid
Sacred Heart Primary School SHPS_MapGrid SHPS_MapNoGrid
Scotstoun Primary School ScPS_MapGrid ScPS_MapNoGrid
Shawlands Primary School SPS_MapGrid SPS_MapNoGrid
St Benedict's Primary School StBPS_MapGrid StBPS_MapNoGrid
St Bride's Primary School StBrPS_MapGrid StBrPS_MapNoGrid
St Catherine's Primary StCP_MapGrid StCP_MapNoGrid
St Constantine's Primary School StCPS_MapGrid StCPS_MapNoGrid
St Denis' Primary School StDPS_MapGrid StDPS_MapNoGrid
St Francis of Assisi Primary School StFoAPS_MapGrid StFoAPS_MapNoGrid
St Maria Goretti Primary School (work in progress) StMGPS_MapGrid StMGPS_MapNoGrid
St Martha's Primary School StMarPS_MapGrid StMarPS_MapNoGrid
St Mary's Primary School (work in progress) StMaPS_MapGrid StMaPS_MapNoGrid
St Michael's Primary School StMPS_MapGrid StMPS_MapNoGrid
St Mirrin's Primary School StMiPS_MapGrid StMiPS_MapNoGrid
St Monicas R.C.Primary & Crookston Language Unit SMPCLU_MapGrid SMPCLU_MapNoGrid
St Monicas Primary SMP_MapGrid SMP_MapNoGrid
St Ninian's Primary School (work in progress) StNPS_MapGrid StNPS_MapNoGrid
St Paul's (Shettleston) Primary School StPPS_MapGrid StPPS_MapNoGrid
St Paul's (Whiteinch) Primary School StPWPS_MapGrid StPWPS_MapNoGrid
St Paul's (Whiteinch) Primary School Playground StPWPSpg_MapGrid StPWPSpg_MapNoGrid
St Philomena's Primary StPhP_MapGrid StPhP_MapNoGrid
St Thomas Primary STP_MapGrid STP_MapNoGrid
St Vincent's Primary School StVP_MapGrid StVP_MapNoGrid
Thornwood Primary School ThPS_MapGrid ThPS_MapNoGrid
Tinto Primary School TiPS_MapGrid TiPS_MapNoGrid
Toryglen Primary School TPS_MapGrid TPS_MapNoGrid
Wallacewell Primary School WPS_MapGrid WPS_MapNoGrid
Wellshot Primary School WePS_MapGrid WePS_MapNoGrid
Whiteinch Primary School WhPS_MapGrid WhPS_MapNoGrid
More maps coming soon!