We have produced Orienteering maps for most Glasgow Schools - you can download them from this page. If you school/campus is not yet mapped and you would like to talk to us about getting it done, please use the contact options at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

We have also made a file of resources and ideas of how to use these maps in your Outdoor Learning sessions. Click here to download the pdf file.

Many of the maps here are still in the DRAFT column - that means they won't be fully accurate and we need your help to add corrections. If your school/campus is listed here as a draft map, please scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to check it for errors and send the corrections to us. Thanks for your help!

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School Map with Grid Map without Grid Draft Maps
Abercorn Secondary School ASS MapGrid ASS MapNoGrid  
Alexandra Parade Primary School APPS MapGrid APPS MapNoGrid  
All Saints R.C. Secondary School     ASRCSS MapDRAFT
Anderston Primary School AnPS MapGrid AnPS MapNoGrid  
Annette Street Primary School     AnnPS MapDRAFT
Antonine Primary School APS MapGrid APS MapNoGrid  
Ashpark Primary School AshPS MapGrid AshPS MapNoGrid  
Ashton Secondary School     AshSS MapDRAFT
Aultmore and Newhills     AN MapDRAFT
Aultmore Park Primary School     APPS MapDRAFT
Balornock Primary School BaPS MapGrid BaPS MapNoGrid  
Bankhead Primary School BanPS MapGrid BanPS MapNoGrid  
Bannerman High School     BHS MapDRAFT
Barmulloch Primary School BarPS MapGrid BarPS MapNoGrid  
Battlefield Primary School     BatPS MapDRAFT
Bellahouston Avademy     BA MapDRAFT
Benview Campus BC MapGrid BC MapNoGrid  
Blackfriars Primary School BlPS MapGrid BlPS MapNoGrid  
Blairdardie Primary School BPS MapGrid BPS MapNoGrid  
Broomhill Primary School BrPS MapGrid BrPS MapNoGrid  
Cadder Primary School CadPS MapGrid CadPS MapNoGrid  
Caldercuilt Primary School CaldPS MapGrid CaldPS MapNoGrid  
Caledonia Primary School CalPS MapGrid CalPS MapNoGrid  
Camstradden Primary School CamPS MapGrid CamPS MapNoGrid  
Cardinal Winning Secondary School     CWSS MapDRAFT
Cardonald Primary School     CarPS MapDRAFT
Carmunnock Primary School CarmPS MapGrid CarmPS MapNoGrid  
Carmyle Primary School CarmyPS MapGrid CarmyPS MapNoGrid  
Carntyne Primary School CarnPS MapGrid CarnPS MapNoGrid  
Cartvale Secondary School     CartSS MapDRAFT
Castlemilk High School     CHS MapDRAFT
Castleton Primary School CPS MapGrid CPS MapNoGrid  
Chirnsyde Primary School ChPS MapGrid ChPS MapNoGrid  
Cleeves Primary School     ClPS MapDRAFT
Cleveden Secondary School     ClSS MapDRAFT
Clyde Campus CC MapGrid CC MapNoGrid  
Corpus Christi Primary School CCPS MapGrid CCPS MapNoGrid  
Craigton Primary School     CrPS MapDRAFT
Cranhill Primary School     CraPS MapDRAFT
Croftcroighn & Avenue End Primary School CAE MapGrid CAE MapNoGrid  
Croftfoot Primary School     CroC MapDRAFT
Crookston Castle Primary School     CrC MapDRAFT
Cuthbertson Primary School     CuPS MapDRAFT
Dalmarnock Primary School DalPS MapGrid DalPS MapNoGrid  
Darnley Primary School DPS MapGrid DPS MapNoGrid  
Drumchapel High School     DHS MapDRAFT
Drummore Primary School DrPS MapGrid DrPS MapNoGrid  
Dunard Primary School DuPS MapGrid DuPS MapNoGrid  
Eastbank Academy     EA MapDRAFT
Eastbank Primary School EPS MapGrid EPS MapNoGrid  
Eastmuir Primary School     EaPS MapDRAFT
Elmvale Primary School ElPS MapGrid ElPS MapNoGrid  
Garnetbank Primary School GaPS MapGrid GaPS MapNoGrid  
Garrowhill Primary School GarPS MapGrid GarPS MapNoGrid  
Glasgow Gaelic School / Sgoil Ghaidhlig Ghlaschu     GGS MapDRAFT
Glenconner Park Royston     GPR MapDRAFT
Glendale Primary School     GlPS MapDRAFT
Golfhill Primary School - Whitehill Secondary School GPS-WSS MapGrid GPS-WSS MapNoGrid  
Govan High School     GHS MapDRAFT
Govan Road Campus GRC MapGrid GRC MapNoGrid  
Gowanbank Campus GC MapGrid GC MapNoGrid  
Haghill Park Primary School     HPPS MapDRAFT
Hampden Primary School HPS MapGrid HPS MapNoGrid  
Hazelwood School     HS MapDRAFT
Hillhead High School     HHS MapDRAFT
Hillhead Primary School HiPS MapGrid HiPS MapNoGrid  
Hillington Primary School HilPS MapGrid HilPS MapNoGrid  
Hillpark Secondary School     HillSS MapDRAFT
Hollybrook Academy     HA MapDRAFT
Holy Cross Primary School     HCPS MapDRAFT
Holyrood Secondary School     HoSS MapDRAFT
Hyndland Primary School HyPS MapGrid HyPS MapNoGrid  
Hyndland Secondary School     HySS MapDRAFT
Ibrox Primary School IPS MapGrid IPS MapNoGrid  
John Paul Academy     JPA MapDRAFT
John Paul II Primary School     JPIIPS MapDRAFT
Kelbourne Park Primary School     KPPS MapDRAFT
Kelvindale Primary School KPS MapGrid KPS MapNoGrid  
Keppoch Campus KC MapGrid KC MapNoGrid  
King's Park Primary School     KPPS MapDRAFT
King's Park Secondary School     KPSS MapDRAFT
Kirkriggs School     KS MapDRAFT
Knightswood Primary School KnPS MapGrid KnPS MapNoGrid  
Knightswood Secondary School     KnSS MapDRAFT
Langfaulds Primary School     LPS MapDRAFT
Langside Primary School LaPS MapGrid LaPS MapNoGrid  
Linburn Academy     LA MapDRAFT
Lochend High School LHS MapGrid LHS MapNoGrid  
Lorne Street Primary School     LoPS MapDRAFT
Lourdes Primary School     LouPS MapDRAFT
Lourdes Secondary School     LouSS MapDRAFT
Merrylee Primary School MPS MapGrid MPS MapNoGrid  
Middlefield Primary School MidPS MapGrid MidPS MapNoGrid  
Miller Primary School     MilPS MapDRAFT
Miltonbank Primary School MiPS MapGrid MiPS MapNoGrid  
Mosspark Primary School MoPS MapGrid MoPS MapNoGrid  
Mount Florida Primary School MFPS MapGrid MFPS MapNoGrid  
Mount Vernon Primary School     MVPS MapDRAFT
North Kelvin Meadow / The Childrens Wood NKM MapGrid NKM MapNoGrid  
Notre Dame High School     NDHS MapDRAFT
Notre Dame Primary School NDPS MapGrid NDPS MapNoGrid  
Oakgrove Primary School     OPS MapDRAFT
Oakwood Primary School OaPS MapGrid OaPS MapNoGrid  
Our Lady of the Annunciation Primary School OLAPS MapGrid OLAPS MapNoGrid  
Our Lady of Peace Primary School     OLPPS MapDRAFT
Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School OLRPS MapGrid OLRPS MapNoGrid  
Parkhill School     PS MapDRAFT
Parkview Primary School PPS MapGrid PPS MapNoGrid  
Pirie Park Primary School     PPPS MapDRAFT
Pollokshields Primary School     PoPS MapDRAFT
Quarry Brae Primary School     QBPS MapDRAFT
Riverbank Primary School RiPS MapGrid RiPS MapNoGrid  
Rosshall Academy     RA MapDRAFT
Royston Primary School RPS MapGrid RPS MapNoGrid  
Sacred Heart Primary School SHPS MapGrid SHPS MapNoGrid  
Sandaig Primary School     SaPS MapDRAFT
Sandwood Primary School SaPS MapGrid SaPS MapNoGrid  
Scotstoun Primary School ScPS MapGrid ScPS MapNoGrid  
Shawlands Academy SA MapGrid SA MapNoGrid  
Shawlands Primary School SPS MapGrid SPS MapNoGrid  
Sighthill Community Campus     SCC MapDRAFT
Smithycroft Secondary School     SSS MapDRAFT
Springburn Academy     SpA MapDRAFT
St Albert's Primary School     StAPS MapDRAFT
St Andrew's Secondary School     StASS MapDRAFT
St Angela's Primary School     StAnPS MapDRAFT
St Anne's Primary School     StAnnPS MapDRAFT
St Bartholomew's Primary School     StBaPS MapDRAFT
St Benedict's Primary School StBPS MapGrid StBPS MapNoGrid  
St Bernard's Primary School     StBePS MapDRAFT
St Blane's Primary School     StBlPS MapDRAFT
St Bride's Primary School StBrPS MapGrid StBrPS MapNoGrid  
St Bridget's Primary School     StBriPS MapDRAFT
St Brigid's Primary School     StBrigPS MapDRAFT
St Catherine's Primary School StCPS MapGrid StCPS MapNoGrid  
St Charles' Primary School     StChPS MapDRAFT
St Clare's Primary School     StClPS MapDRAFT
St Constantine's Primary School StCoPS MapGrid StCoPS MapNoGrid  
St Conval's Primary School     StCoPS MapDRAFT
St Denis' Primary School StDPS MapGrid StDPS MapNoGrid  
St Fillan's Primary School     StFPS MapDRAFT
St Francis of Assisi Primary School StFoAPS MapGrid StFoAPS MapNoGrid  
St Francis Primary School     StFrPS MapDRAFT
St George's Primary School     StFrPS MapDRAFT
St Joachim's Primary School     StJPS MapDRAFT
St Joeseph's Primary School     StJoPS MapDRAFT
St Margaret Mary's Secondary School     StMMSS MapDRAFT
St Maria Goretti Primary School StMGPS MapGrid StMGPS MapNoGrid  
St Marnock's Primary School     StMarnPS MapDRAFT
St Martha's Primary School StMarPS MapGrid StMarPS MapNoGrid  
St Mary's Primary School StMaPS MapGrid StMaPS MapNoGrid  
St Michael's Primary School StMPS MapGrid StMPS MapNoGrid  
St Mirrin's Primary School StMiPS MapGrid StMiPS MapNoGrid  
St Monicas R.C.Primary & Crookston Language Unit StMPCLU MapGrid StMPCLU MapNoGrid  
St Monicas Primary StMP MapGrid StMP MapNoGrid  
St Mungo's Academy     StMA MapDRAFT
St Mungo's Primary School     StMuPS MapDRAFT
St Ninian's Primary School StNPS MapGrid StNPS MapNoGrid  
St Oswald's Secondary School     StOSS MapDRAFT
St Patrick's Primary School     StPaPS MapDRAFT
St Paul's High School     StPHS MapDRAFT
St Paul's (Shettleston) Primary School StPPS MapGrid StPPS MapNoGrid  
St Paul's (Whiteinch) Primary School StPWPS MapGrid StPWPS MapNoGrid  
St Paul's (Whiteinch) Primary School Playground StPWPSpg MapGrid StPWPSpg MapNoGrid  
St Philomena's Primary School StPhPS MapGrid StPhPS MapNoGrid  
St Roch's Primary School     StRPS MapDRAFT
St Roch's Secondary School     StRSS MapDRAFT
St Rose of Lima Primary School     StRoLPS MapDRAFT
St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School     StTASS MapDRAFT
St Thomas Primary School StTPS MapGrid StTPS MapNoGrid  
St Timothy's Primary School     StTiPS MapDRAFT
St Vincent's Primary School StVPS MapGrid StVPS MapNoGrid  
Sunnyside Primary School SuPS MapGrid SuPS MapNoGrid  
Swinton Primary School     SwPS MapDRAFT
Thorntree Primary School     ThoPS MapDRAFT
Thornwood Primary School ThPS MapGrid ThPS MapNoGrid  
Tinto Primary School TiPS MapGrid TiPS MapNoGrid  
Toryglen Primary School TPS MapGrid TPS MapNoGrid  
Wallacewell Primary School WPS MapGrid WPS MapNoGrid  
Wellshot Primary School WePS MapGrid WePS MapNoGrid  
Westmuir High School     WHS MapDRAFT
Whiteinch Primary School WhPS MapGrid WhPS MapNoGrid  


How to finish a draft map

Read the following information and once complete, send to Blairvadach@glowmail.org.uk. Use this Youtube video to help you.

Your draft has been made completely from the internet, what we now need is a ground survey to add all the other bits that we have missed, put in the wrong place or simply haven’t shown up.

The internet images are only good on the day they are taken so having someone on the ground, checking the area bit by bit is the most accurate way of getting the map as correct and true as possible. Is that something you or someone else at the school would be able to do?

You don’t need any specific knowledge, other than a good eye for detail and a knowledge of the grounds is always a bonus. The more pernickety you can be, the more accurate the map will end up. It is only permanent, non-moveable features that we want on the map to avoid confusion in the future. Examples of the things we can add into your map are contained within the key on the map.

Using the draft map, print out and draw/write physical adjustments onto it, we find that is the easiest way to add corrections. You can then send pictures of those annotated maps back to us. Feel free to take photographs of any specific features that are difficult to describe or draw onto the map. If the map starts to look too busy just print another copy and start adding to that. The dotted lines on the draft map represent boundaries we don’t quite know what they are from the internet, they could be kerbs, fences or indeed nothing of note. Please annotate the dots with what they should be changed to. Gates are especially handy for the MUGAs and playground areas, we can't spot these online.

Once you have the annotated pictures please send them and any notes or additional information to Blairvadach@glowmail.org.uk and someone will make the amendments.

Hopefully that makes sense...


  • Add Gates to fences
  • Add any permanent features
  • Remove things that are not accurate (bins, lamposts)
  • Check the position of trees/bushes/features are accurate
  • Add things that will aid your pupils learning
  • Add lampposts and signs
  • Check the terrains colour (is it Grass, is it more often rough ground, is it woods or single trees)



  • Make the map too complicated or busy